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IvyMagic is my creative consultancy, built upon my 25 years of experience working as a communicator, creative director and mentor. While the ways I support clients are as varied as creativity itself, it all has a common thread: I help ideas take flight and teams shine brighter. For more details about my services, please visit the IvyMagic site.

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Hello! If we don’t know each other yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Jeanne, a creative, consultant and purveyor of pixie dust.

I’ve had a website in one form or another since I programmed my first site while working as a computer lab assistant at the University of Oregon. In 1995.

This latest incarnation of my online home is a petite, yet expanding, galaxy of endeavors and interests. And while it’s one of the simplest sites I’ve created, it feels like the best one. The most confident and authentic one.

When I’m not waxing poetic about websites, I love to spend my time reading, designing, making playlists, sitting contemplatively outside or in front of a fire, dreaming of new or favorite places to travel to, and laughing and chatting with those in my tiny quarantine bubble.

A lot of modern art makes me happy. So do poems by Joy Harjo, Billy Collins, Naomi Shihab Nye and Alexandra Elle.

I’ve swam with dolphins, rode a camel and pet an alligator.

If I can look at the ocean or a river or trees while drinking my first cup of coffee of the day, I feel more optimistic. (For me, nature is good. But camping is not.)

Three songs that encourage me are: Candidate by Johnny Marr, You Already Know by Cold War Kids and Burnin’ by Nichole Nordeman.

I’m still sad that my father sold his Datsun 280-ZX from the early 80s.

It probably makes me sound nerdy or pretentious to say this, but I can never have enough notebooks or black turtleneck sweaters.

The idea of grace—from a spiritual perspective—continues to intrigue me. But I wonder if it’s bigger and wilder than many religious folks would like to believe.

I’m an INFJ, Enneagram 9 with a 1 wing, and my StrengthsFinder strengths are Activator, Responsibility, Developer, Empathy, Strategic.

I think everyone should read A Wrinkle in Time and The Great Gatsby.

I still play Words with Friends.

Bright colors are everything to me—especially orange.

Also: I really like cheese.

fun + free

In support of the third issue of percolate, I created desktop and phone wallpapers. Copy them to your device and enjoy!