Hello! I’m Jeanne Ivy, and this is my digital launchpad for various and sundry projects. This includes my creative consultancy, IvyMagic, and my artist shop at Saatchi Art. Occasionally, I post paintings on Instagram and co-host a podcast, The Spark Sisters.If you’d like to know more, check out this variety pack of facts, freewheeling Q&A, or (obligatory, ahem) LinkedIn profile.

A few assorted facts

In addition to being a creative consultant and artist, I’m a member of Gen X and a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest.I’ve had a website in one form or another since I programmed my first site while working as a computer lab assistant at the University of Oregon. In 1995.I’m energized by painting, music, travel, feeding my eclectic taste in reading, fashion, and conversations with friends that are a mix of contemplative and humorous.I’ve petted an alligator, swam with dolphins, and rode a camel.

As you might expect, a lot of modern and contemporary art makes me happy. So do poems by Joy Harjo, Billy Collins, Naomi Shihab Nye, Margaret Atwood and Alexandra Elle.If I can look at an ocean, a river or trees while drinking the day’s first cup of coffee, I feel more optimistic. (For me, nature is good. And yet camping is not.)My favorite playlists include music by Johnny Marr, Metric, David Bowie, The Wombats, Savoy, Lizzo, Harry Styles, The New Pornographers, Blondie, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Cold War Kids, New Order, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn and Ivy (I know, I know).It probably makes me sound nerdy or pretentious to say this, but I can never have enough notebooks or black turtleneck sweaters.The past few winters, I’ve been an aspiring hummingbird whisperer.The idea of grace—from a spiritual perspective—continues to intrigue me. But I wonder if it’s bigger and wilder than many (most?) religious folks are comfortable believing.Speaking of belief, yes, I believe that love is love (and always wins), science is real, women’s rights are human rights and Black Lives Matter. In some cases, I’m still working on making those ideas actions in my life, not just statements on my site.If I could be a mix of three fictional characters, I’d probably choose Alice (of Wonderland fame), Jo March and Sydney Bristow.And while personality assessments are often pseudo-science, I see enough truth in the results I’ve received to share that I’m an INFJ, an Enneagram 9 with a 1 wing, and my StrengthsFinder strengths are Activator, Responsibility, Developer, Empathy and Strategic.A better assessment, I think, is of one’s values, and the following matter most to me: Harmony, Beauty, Love, Fun, Respect, Excellence, Genuineness, Generosity, Creativity and Curiosity.I think everyone (regardless of their age) should read “A Wrinkle in Time.” At least three times.I still play Words with Friends.Bright colors are everything to me—especially orange.Finally, there’s this: I really like cheese.

Growing up, which fictional book character did you fantasize about being?

I was mad about Alice in Wonderland and loved dressing up as Alice for a Book Character Day in fourth grade, yet I longed to be like the talented Pauline Fossil in Ballet Shoes and Sorrel Forbes in Theater Shoes.

If you could go to outer space, which planet would you visit first and how would you bedazzle your spacesuit?

I’d visit one of the most recently discovered exoplanets for sure! And as much as I love accessorizing, a NASA spacesuit is pretty spot-on without any additional baubles.

To borrow from Monty Python: What is your quest?

I want to craft a life that’s full of more love and creativity with each passing year.

Is there a song lyric that best describes you?

Not yet.

What’s the best advice you ever received from a stranger or someone you barely know?

One of the late founders of a large, celebrated ad agency once told me that a female copywriter I admired, who worked for him, was almost fired for not being true to her own voice. He said I should remember that, too—that my voice was worth it.

What is your favorite word and why?

Telekinetic. It’s a multi-syllable word without pretension. It sounds substantial, yet a little mischievous. And of course, who wouldn’t love a word that calls to mind the siblings in Escape From Witch Mountain?

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Pssst. Don’t tell the PCs I’ve worked with, but I'm absolutely a Mac.

Where are you most creative?

It’s a three-way tie: home, the Oregon Coast and Place des Vosges. (Honorable mention: trains)

In five words or less, how did you get here?

Curiosity and countless hours

Did any specific teachers help shape or inspire your interest in creativity or art?

Oui! My third-grade teacher, Mrs. (Susan) Vasquez, gave the class assignments that helped me expand my imagination and realize that art—in any form—could evoke emotion. In college, my copywriting professor and mentor, Ann Maxwell, set me on a path toward embracing my uniqueness as a creative person.

How do you hard-boil an egg?

I put the eggs in a pan (nothing fancy) and fill the pan with enough water to just cover the eggs. Then I put the pan on the stove, turn it on high and wait for the water to boil. Once it starts boiling, I set a timer for 10 minutes. I also turn down the temperature if the water is about to boil over. When the 10 minutes are up, I remove the pan from the stove, put it under the faucet in the kitchen sink and run cold water into the pan to cool the water a bit. I let it sit in the sink until the water’s completely cooled before I remove the eggs. (I’ve learned that if I remove them before the water's cool, they’re harder to peel.)

May I add a question to this list?

Sure! Just send it my way.

Questions submitted by: Ed, Eric, Leah, Megan, Noah, Penelope, Sara and Tara.


Subtle Intentions: July 5 through August 26, 2022 at the Hillsboro Civic Center’s Shirley Huffman Gallery | 10 abstract paintings on paper and canvas*

*One painting from this collection is viewable at the gallery in the Walters Cultural Arts Center.